All of your material and delivery needs can be taken care of with one call to Jerry Preston Hauling and Material Supply. 

Serving the Maryland and Southern Pennsylvania markets since 1983, we have built our reputation on our service.  With a fleet of over 75 trucks, we look forward to delivering hometown service to meet your individual needs.
You're on the road to having your material and hauling needs taken care of with one call...
"At Jerry Preston Hauling, our employee's are our most valuable asset.  With that in mind, we provide annual safety training and employ a full-time Safety Manager.  Our philosophy of "Safety First - Zero Accidents - Zero Excuses" is at the forefront of everything we do every day. 

We know that Safety deals with how effectively we can prevent injuries and the impact they have on the individual, their families, friends, and co-workers.  That is why the importance of Safety in the workplace and on the job can never be over exemplified.  We strive every day to provide the safest possible workplace to ensure and protect everyone's health and well-being.

One of our Safety goals is for everyone to leave the workplace, at the end of the day, in the same manner as they arrived.  The risks, on the human element side, are too high to accept anything else.

When you order material or hauling services from Preston's, you'll not only be working with the industry leader; you'll be working with one of the safest companies in the state of Maryland.

Give us a chance to prove ourselves...I guarantee you won't be disappointed."

                -- Jerry Preston, President
                   P.O. Box 300  --  Jarrettsville, Maryland  21084  --  410-557-6969  --  Fax 410-557-9146